SAP CoE Team Structure

SAP CoE Team Structure

Funding a large center of excellence may not be feasible due to budget, typically a small team is formed to start. This team builds a strong relationship with the business to collaborate and reach out when more information is needed.

SAP CoE Team Structure

Funding a large center of excellence may not be feasible due to budget, typically a small team is formed to start. This team builds a strong relationship with the business to collaborate and reach out when more information is needed.

Generally, there are four categories of a CoE team:

  1. This is the figurehead of the team that takes control of the lifecycle of the SAP system. One important aspect of this role is demand management.
  2. Core team. This team manages the day-to-day operations and small-scale enhancements. They contribute to the definition of the center of excellence methodology.
  3. Extended team. This group works alongside the core team within their subject matter expertise. When this team does not exist in an organization the roles work as part of the core team.
  4. Project team(s). This is a temporary team to deliver SAP projects to the organization. It includes a project manager, SAP architect(s), SAP analyst(s) and business process experts.

CoE Simply Defined

The CoE (Center of Excellence) is a centralized team of skilled knowledge workers whose mission is to provide the organization with best practices around a certain area of interest. Regardless of the organizational structure or budget, it is important to have the right people with defined roles and responsibilities for the team. The goal is to sustain world-class performance and value.

Seven Steps for to Success for SAPinsiders are:

  1. Realign the business and IT after an SAP implementation
  2. Set up a governance
  3. Define functions and organize the CoE
  4. Implement post go live processes for continuous improvement
  5. Mobilize for post go live organizational change
  6. Marketing the CoE
  7. Set up your CoE

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