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Mastering SAP’s Expert Network is comprised of SAP professionals coming together to provide guidance and share how to information and tips with the SAP community. The experts within the network share their knowledge and experience to create a comprehensive online subscription resource of practical information, best practices, and tutorials for SAP professionals.

A Mastering SAP Expert is an authority in their subject area. They want to contribute to the community and elevate a unique perspective, help SAP customers solve a problem, explain what an emerging technology or upgrade means, or assist SAP users in making a decision faster.

Reasons to Contribute

  • Drive Awareness

    Build your personal brand, become a featured contributor, and grow your business with SAP professionals.

  • Grow Your Network

    Share your expertise with members of the Mastering SAP Community.

  • Connect With Members

    Build a relationship with SAP end users and your peers when you attend virtual conferences, networking events, and summits.