The Intelligent Enterprise and the Workforce of the Future

The Intelligent Enterprise and the Workforce of the Future

Published: 15/October/2018

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Transforming the total workforce experience is one of the foundational components and a necessary step to an organization becoming a true intelligent enterprise. Changing how people work and engage with the business is one of the most important ways to accelerate innovation, and the path to people engagement is SAP SuccessFactors. It helps organizations increase connectivity and engagement across global workforces, use data-based recommendations to proactively improve people processes and results, and provide tailored role-based experiences for the entire workforce across all devices to simplify everyday work-life.

SAP SuccessFactors provides the insight and technologies needed to improve employee retention, spark motivation, drive employee trust, and address complex issues such as diversity, inclusion, and well-being at work. It provides data-based recommendations and guidance to improve people processes and results, leading to greater employee satisfaction. “Our people are our greatest asset” is a commonly heard refrain from companies, and offering a best-in-class employee experience is often the catalyst for driving digital transformation in HR.


Many SAP SuccessFactors customers work with partners to build and extend applications in their workforce transformation efforts on the SAP Cloud Platform. Let’s examine a few:

Increase Insight: Hydro-Québec is a renewable energy producer and the largest utility in North America. With a large percentage of its workforce on the front line in interacting with customers, the utility needed a flexible way to shine more light on these interactions to ensure the highest standard of customer support. This need elevated training as a core tenet of its talent management program. To deliver insight for 250 trainers who help a 20,000-person workforce deliver superior customer service, Hydro-Québec partnered with /N SPRO to build an application on SAP Cloud Platform that automates and provides a comprehensive overview of all training activities. Integrated with SAP SuccessFactors Learning, the custom learning management system (LMS) provides global visibility and access to training information, and helps Hydro-Québec ensure outstanding service across its customer base.

Increase Communication: When internet security giant Avast Software acquired AVG Technologies in 2016, it turned to SAP Cloud Platform to augment its SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution. Wanting to facilitate communication among its worldwide employees, it deployed Accenture Document Composer on SAP Cloud Platform to manage employee contracts and other employee-related documents. Faster template creation and automated employee communication eased the burden on the HR department, lowered costs, and increased efficiency. The result for the company, which manages security for more than 400 million devices, was a smooth internal integration for the company and even stronger internet protection for its customers around the world.

Increase Motivation: Asian Paints has been in business since 1942 and with 24 manufacturing plants in 16 countries, India’s leading paint company counts on motivated employees to lead expansion initiatives, which include a focus on décor. The company knew that without an excited global workforce in its corner and on board with the shift to décor, expansion efforts could very well fall flat. To keep customers at the heart of employee focus, the company partnered with Semos to create the JobPts app on SAP Cloud Platform. Offering native integration to its SAP SuccessFactors solutions, the app helps drive achievement and job satisfaction with peer-to-peer recognition and rewards that motivate and retain employees.

Increase Visibility: Conrad Electronic, founded in 1923, is a leading European supplier for technical products and components. Its online shop for private and business customers offers a total of 900,000 products. With 4,000 employees, it wanted a way to see an immediate and comprehensive overview of the company structure. It decided to implement the custom app Ingentis org.manager [web] for SF, which is based on SAP Cloud Platform, for use with its SAP SuccessFactors solutions. Conrad Electronic now can see automated org charts in real time, and with its concept of “mobile and cloud first,” employees can see the required HR information on mobile devices. With better access to and visibility of its data, the company has improved the efficiency of its HR management processes, freeing staff for value-added tasks.

An intelligent enterprise is a company that recognizes and uses data as an asset to achieve desired outcomes faster, including using data to transform the workplace. The above examples show that data-driven workforce insights directly translate into business outcomes that ultimately improve the customer experience.  Beyond the technologies presented through these use cases, other SAP intelligent technologies such as augmented analytics, machine learning, and natural (conversational) language are accessible to ISV partners to embed in their business applications. They provide intelligence for companies to optimize day-to-day and strategic decision making in the building and the management of a motivated workforce. For more examples of partners that are innovating in the HR space, visit the SAP App Center. For more information on the Intelligent Enterprise, read the SAPinsider article titled “Transforming Business in the Era of Intelligence.”

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