Discussing Decision Intelligence with Pyramid Analytics

Discussing Decision Intelligence with Pyramid Analytics

Published: 30/March/2022

Reading time: 1 mins

Meet the Experts

Behind all the innovative features and functionalities of business intelligence and analytics tools is one key need- to be able to leverage the power of analytics across the enterprise. That is one of the key needs that users have when they think about enterprise analytics. And for that to happen, a tool must be “fluid” in many senses. The tool should encompass analytics across business functions, but it should also have the flexibility to be used by users with varying levels of skill sets. An analytics tool needs to be a powerful aid in decision making, to create a truly data-driven enterprise. For that to happen, it needs to be leveraged by users with all levels of expertise, to make data-driven decisions in their day-to-day work. This is where the genesis of the term decision intelligence comes from. SAPinsider recently invited Dave Henry from Pyramid Analytics, a leading decision intelligence solution provider in the SAP technology landscape, to discuss this critical topic.

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