SAP Asset Performance Management for Circular Manufacturing

Published: 07/March/2023

Reading time: 4 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ Maintenance approaches have evolved with the availability of big data and sensors.

⇨ SAP Asset Performance Management helps to minimize maintenance costs and reduces risks from the failure of critical assets.

⇨ SAP Asset Performance Management, enabled by AI, directly supports organizations to transition towards circular manufacturing.

The manufacturing industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions, accounting for around 20 percent of global emissions. These emissions are primarily caused by energy usage during the manufacturing process. However, new approaches to designing, producing, and disposing of goods can reduce waste by eliminating it from products and processes, as well as by recycling or recovering materials. With technology and data analysis, achieving these goals is now more feasible than ever before. While artificial intelligence (AI) has received much attention in recent years, one of the most significant opportunities for its application is in manufacturing. By leveraging AI-powered solutions like SAP Asset Performance Management, companies can successfully transition to a circular manufacturing model. This article will explore how condition based maintenance.

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