Prairie State Energy Campus: An Operating Model for a 21st Century Baseload Plant

Published: 12/November/2023

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ Prairie State's operational model prioritises cost-efficiency and reliability, serving 2.5 million customers across eight states.

⇨ The integration of Prometheus APM with Remote Monitoring Services has led to the early detection of significant potential losses, enhancing predictive maintenance.

⇨ The facility's focus on professional development and proactive strategies has been instrumental in preventing major operational disruptions.

Prairie State Energy Campus, situated in southern Illinois, stands as a standalone energy facility featuring a 1,600 MW coal-fired supercritical power plant and a coal mine. It epitomises technological advancement in energy production, with a focus on providing clean, reliable, and affordable baseload electricity to over 2.5 million customers across eight states. The integration of advanced analytics through Prometheus APM and the consultative expertise of Remote Monitoring Services has been pivotal, enabling the early detection of over $17 million in value-at-risk over six years. This strategic approach to predictive maintenance, combined with a strong emphasis on minimising operational costs per megawatt-hour, has resulted in high equipment reliability and sustained operational uptime, underscoring the plant’s commitment to cost-efficiency and reliability.

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