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What’s So Cool About Fiori?

Meet the Experts

Key Takeaways

⇨ Using saved Fiori tiles to streamline Notification and Work Order approvals, execution and closure

⇨ Functionality in the Fiori Find apps vs GUI List Edits 

⇨ Tips and tricks to improve usability of Fiori apps

Fiori may very well make you Fiori-ous until you learn how to use it.  It doesn’t have all the same functionality as GUI but it doesn’t need to. What is lacks in some areas, it more than makes up for in others. This presentation will explore the functionality of Fiori vs GUI including tips and tricks to get the most out of Fiori.  Whether you are currently using Fiori or are thinking of implementing it, this session will have something for everyone.  The live demo will showcase Fiori tiles, Find apps and other little known functionality that the Sunwater team have found useful in the last two years since go live.  

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