Zalaris Expert Talks Top Steps to Take When Leveraging AI in Talent Recruitment and Retention

Published: 27/March/2024

Reading time: 4 mins

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Key Takeaways

⇨ AI-powered tools like Zalaris’ PeopleHub for SuccessFactors significantly streamline the talent recruitment process for SAP users.

⇨ Talent Intelligence Hub utilises AI and predictive analytics for proactive talent retention and development strategies.

⇨ Personalised implementation of these tools aligns with organisational culture and processes, driving improved hiring efficiency and employee satisfaction.

AI for business is dominating headlines. Companies are increasingly aware of the crucial role that finding the right talent plays in the success of implementing the latest tech advancements. However, talent recruitment remains a daunting task for SAP users, particularly in the era of AI.

Enterprises are eager to leverage GenAI to streamline their operations and gain a competitive edge. Yet, the complexity of AI utilisation underscores the importance of strategic partnerships and specialised expertise. This is where companies like Zalaris step in, offering tailored HR solutions that integrate AI-powered tools to identify, attract and retain top talent.

Zalaris’ suite of HR modules, notably PeopleHub for SAP SuccessFactors, are equipped with Recruitment tools, stands out as a prime example. These modules not only facilitate the end to end recruitment process but also provide guidance on harnessing AI for recruitment purposes. By leveraging AI algorithms and predictive analytics, SAP users can optimise their recruitment efforts, ensuring they attract candidates who align with their organisational goals and culture.

To gain a deeper understanding of Zalaris’ recruitment offering, we asked one of our experts on the subject, Jessie Zheng, Senior Consultant at Zalaris for SAP SuccessFactors in the APAC Region. Jessie specialises in working with customers to simplify and elevate their talent processes through leading HR technology. When asked how Zalaris’ PeopleHub solution leverages AI within SAP SuccessFactors to enhance the recruitment process, Jessie explained:

“One of the exciting AI-empowered features available in PeopleHub would be using generative AI within SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting to help recruiters in creating and updating job descriptions.”

“We see benefits in various aspects for using this tool: Improved efficiency – It takes less time for recruiters to draft up a meaningful and relevant job description as we no longer need to start from scratch every time a new position is created.”

Jessie adds this includes: “improved relevance in job description – Recruiters would now have support from AI to include more relevant content that incorporates supplementary details from organisation’s industry and ensure alignment with business requirements. The content of the job description can be more meaningful and competitive, which helps attracting a larger pool of qualified candidates. And reduces error – with the support of generative AI fine-tuning the job description, we may also reduce the risk of having biased language or grammatical errors in the content.”

However, recruiting talent is just the first step. Retaining them poses an equally significant challenge. Zalaris recognises this and addresses it through its inbuilt Talent Intelligence Hub. This innovative platform goes beyond traditional HR practices by utilising AI-driven insights to nurture talent effectively.

The Talent Intelligence Hub serves as a centralised repository of talent data, enabling companies to identify trends, anticipate skill gaps and tailor development initiatives accordingly. By leveraging AI for trend analysis and predictive modelling, organisations can proactively address employee needs, fostering a culture of growth and continuous learning.

When asked in what ways does Zalaris’s Talent Intelligence Hub utilise AI and predictive analytics to support talent retention strategies, Jessie explained: “Talent Intelligence Hub is a platform tool which uses and shares employees’ skills and attribute data across various features. When using Talent Intelligence Hub, each employee will have a skills portfolio created, which employee and manager may use to maintain skills, proficiency, and motivations etc.”

“Through using modules like Recruiting, Performance Review and Career Development within SAP SuccessFactors, the AI engine within Talent Intelligence Hub helps employees to update their portfolio with data including attribute proficiency, skill gaps and development needs, and using the mechanism  of Opportunity Marketplace, the analytic AI engine will also recommend relevant learning activities, on the job experiences  and job opportunities to employees.”

Zalaris’ platform emphasises personalised career development opportunities, ensuring employees feel valued and invested in their professional growth. By empowering individuals to evolve and adapt within their roles, Zalaris helps organisations cultivate a loyal and resilient workforce.

So how does Zalaris ensure that its AI-powered tools align with an organisation’s unique culture and talent requirements during the recruitment process and are there tailored options?

Jessie said: “During implementation, the Zalaris team would work with organisations to gather requirements on two key areas that are specific to each organisation: processes and data. Take Recruitment as example, it is crucial to understand from the organisation the preferred processes of hiring approval and candidate selection, and the data that should be displayed/gathered for each step within the process to allow decision makers to make informed decisions. This helps to ensure that timely and meaningful details are fed into the AI tool to produce relevant and reliable content for job descriptions and interview questions.”

“And with the help of a templated solution like PeopleHub for SAP SuccessFactors, organisations start the implementation with recommendations of leading processes and data points, reducing the effort and resource needed to start on the right track.”

So what are the results? Jessie explains that the: “majority of our clients within the APAC region transitioned to SAP SuccessFactors from using decentralised tools for talent management. Adopting the PeopleHub solution for this transition provides the organisation an easy start for adopting new technology. With streamlined talent management processes in one single platform, organisations can easily expand their recruitment reach and scale back on existing manual or labour intensive processes.”

“This results in higher efficiency for hiring, improved employee satisfaction rating and reduced cost of system maintenance. Organisations are seeing improvement in employees’ satisfaction – in general, a score of 76% for employee experience and 74% for willingness to stay at the company. ‘Time to fill’ of talent requisition also reduced 10% – 15% due to improved efficiency.”

By leveraging AI-powered recruitment tools and innovative talent retention strategies and forging partnerships with experienced HR providers like Zalaris, organisations can navigate the complexities of the modern workforce landscape and emerge as industry leaders. Moreover, expert insights are key in understanding the value of solutions like PeopleHub and Talent Intelligence Hub for businesses looking to not only keep up with innovation but to maintain its success for years to come.

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