Maintain and optimise SAP SuccessFactors with AMS

Published: 26/April/2024

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Application Maintenance Services (AMS) provide post-implementation support for SAP products

⇨ Services range from technical and operational support, update support, change management and system optimisation

⇨ HR and payroll specialist Zalaris offers AMS for SAP SuccessFactors that also helps save costs and scale where required

Human resources technology must keep up with the ever-changing HR needs of organisations, like accurate data, employee experience and regulatory compliance, while also being a more competitive organisation.

SAP SuccessFactors is no exception, with Application Maintenance Services (AMS) added on to provide continuous support after implementation, including proactive monitoring and customisation.

Being able to keep up with the changes can ensure the human component of HR tech – end-users, can maximise systems like SAP SuccessFactors more effectively and efficiently.

Post-implementation support like AMS can be provided either by SAP itself or through an SAP partner, with the latter having options to add additional services.

AMS for SAP SuccessFactors can include support like operational and technical assistance, aimed to help end users navigate complex transactions seamlessly.

Administrative and functional support also keeps SAP SuccessFactors updated semi-annually with the latest version and ensure it is fully functional while also providing corrective, adaptive and preventative support.

Change management, which involves the authorisation, planning and implementation of any changes to business processes, and user adoption support can help smooth any potential resistance from end users to any new systems or updates implemented.

In addition to maintaining the systems, optimising them based on business needs and leading practices can also help align systems with an organisation’s objectives and industry trends.

HR and payroll specialist Zalaris offers a suite of these support services, using a holistic approach aimed to help users run through complex transactions, provide strategic oversight and more.

Called Zalaris Care for SAP SuccessFactors, the solution provides the services mentioned above while also helping organisations reduce their costs and scale during busy HR periods or while growing.

Zalaris Care brings together technical, operational and strategic support to ensure HR systems like SAP SuccessFactors meet organisational needs while also being well-equipped for the future.

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