An Inside Look at SAP in Silicon Valley

An Inside Look at SAP in Silicon Valley

SAP North America’s John McGee Discusses Transformative Opportunities for Customers and Growing Relationships with Partners in the Cradle of Innovation

Published: 16/August/2017

Reading time: 5 mins

In a world of constant transformation and reinvention, SAP continues to be a market leader in digital technologies. This holds true in Silicon Valley, where the west coast offices of SAP North America face unique challenges and opportunities from operating in the cradle of innovation. To stay one step ahead of the competition, SAP is focusing on promoting transformational opportunities for its customers.

This is the environment that John McGee, Managing Director, West Region, SAP North America, found when he joined the team in November 2016. SAPinsider recently sat down with him to discuss everything from his experiences with customers to the culture within SAP that powers its success.

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