Carles Lamas Martinez

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I am an Industrial Engineer and have a degree in Business Sciences, an MBA, and completed the SAP Consulting Master's program in 2014. Since that year, I have been working at CUVIV Business Services SL. I started as a finance consultant, but shortly after, I joined the company's management team as one of the new partners. Despite beginning as a finance consultant, my role has evolved into a more managerial and commercial profile, allowing me to explore various SAP modules. In recent years, CUVIV Business Services SL has undergone significant growth, becoming a consultancy capable of providing support in most modules, with a specialization in international legal matters. We assist multinational companies with a presence in multiple countries, standing out as experts in localizations, making us the ideal partner for their expansion projects. All of this has also allowed me to expand my knowledge in the SAP world since continuous learning is essential to providing better service to our clients. SAP has undergone technological evolution in recent years, and everyone working in its ecosystem has evolved with it.

Work Experience

Project Manager in different companies 2003 - 2013 Partner at CUVIV 2013 - 2023

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