Traditional and Modern BI Tools Have Their Place

Traditional and Modern BI Tools Have Their Place

Published: 01/June/2021

Reading time: 1 mins

The world of data and analytics is quickly evolving. The role of traditional BI tools like SAP BusinessObjects is shifting as today’s software-as-a-service subscription-based platforms incorporate advanced analytic capabilities.

Ken Coleman, Business Intelligence Manager for the American Red Cross, describes several trends impacting the data and analytics space. Modern BI tools like SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) are becoming more widely adopted for their interactive dashboards and feature sets. However, this does not mean there is not a place for traditional BI solutions.

Learn how ERP and other source systems are shifting the data landscape in operational reporting. What are the architectural differences between SAP BusinessObjects and SAC and their ideal applications? And why does data need to be architected properly for it to be analyzed?

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