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Rizing EAM

Assess your physical equipment, prevent unexpected downtime, improve asset lifespan, and get high-quality cost insights with SAP EAM.

When you partner SAP’s EAM capabilities with Rizing’s team of experts, you get a system perfectly tailored to your needs and processes. Our teams have real-world experience in EAM that allows them to provide recommendations with their unique knowledge of asset-intensive businesses.

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Featured Solutions

  • SAP Asset Management

    Rizing’s team of industry experts has decades of experience in asset management strategy implementation and ensures your asset management works in tandem with your business processes. Using our knowledge of industry best practices, EAM software, and business initiatives, our team helps identify areas for improvement and implement an asset management strategy.

  • Environmental, Health and Safety

    Prevent accidents from happening. Rizing’s Environmental, Health, and Safety solution (EHS) empowers businesses with proactive safety measures and enterprise-wide visibility into potential hazards. EHS applies advanced analytics to safety, environmental, operational, equipment, people, and enterprise business data. This helps determine the key areas for proactive risk mitigation and safety management. EHS helps customers increase safety, reduce incident rates, and mitigate compliance risks with intelligent technologies.

  • Assess Your EAM Performance

    Assets have their own way of letting you know they require maintenance. We can help you identify maintenance problems before they become production problems. Our Asset Management Health Check will give you a clear idea of your asset management processes’ effectiveness, which will ensure your assets’ long-term health. This service is available regardless of the EAM software you’re using. We can also help if you’re not using any EAM software at all.

Featured Content

  • Rizing Helps Vynova Optimize Maintenance and Reliability Engineering with SAP ASPM Implementation

    Vynova and Rizing collaborated remotely to set up an SAP® Asset Strategy and Performance Management (ASPM) solution to support Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Analysis (RCA). SAP ASPM is a cloud solution that enables plant managers and reliability engineers to measure and improve the performance of their assets and optimize the maintenance strategies. The project required setup, documentation, training, data transformation, and data migration at three locations.

  • BTP Heath Check Survey: 10 Minutes to Assess Readiness

    We’ve created a BTP Health Check Survey to see if your organization is growing that same fruit. The survey results will show how prepared your company is for BTP implementation, indicating whether education, technology evaluation, or strategic alignment is necessary to fill any existing gaps.

Multimedia Centre

  • Modernizing your ERP: The cost of doing nothing

    There’s a drive towards moving ERP onto more modern platforms – especially the public cloud. But when a corporation intends to make a huge investment, the cost must be justified – as well as the benefit. Is there a way to measure what happens if the business continues to do nothing? Our live round table panel conversation will offer valuable insights about the pain of investing – and the unforeseen costs of not investing.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Managing Assets Intelligently with Rizing

    Companies in asset-intensive industries are always looking to improve the performance of their assets and workers to reduce downtime and unscheduled maintenance while aligning their asset management best practices with broader organisational and financial goals. Yet there is no one-size-fits-all solution. When pursuing EAM process, strategy, and system improvements, companies should consider partners like Rizing…

  • Future Guaranteed: Harnessing SAP’s Latest Technology to Solve Business Problems Towards Success

    Click HERE to view the presentation deck slides. We live in a fast-paced business landscape. Organizations face the critical challenge of trusting technology, systems, data integrity and adoption of the tools to meet critical business needs to successfully run asset-intensive companies. Looking forward, there is a genuine need for integrating disparate systems, harnessing data for...…