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Rev-Trac is a Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) solution that enables some of the world’s largest organizations to drive unified SAP DevOps outcomes through integration and orchestration.

Our flagship product, Rev-Trac Platinum – the SAP DevOps Orchestration platform – and our SAP Change Automation capabilities are a game-changer for many businesses.

With over 25 years’ experience and partnerships with some of the world’s leading organisations, our proven approach has ensured we lead the way in SAP DevOps and SAP change management.

Featured Products

  • Rev-Trac Platinum

    Enable DevOps and continuous delivery with automated technology that delivers faster and more frequent change (ABAP, non-ABAP and new technologies like SAP BTP).

  • Rev-Trac Insights

    Rev-Trac Insights alerts you to things that can happen in your SAP systems so you can make proactive, informed decisions and avoid business disruptions or project delays.

Featured Content

Multimedia Centre

  • Demo Video | Rev-Trac Platinum now integrates with Jira

    Does your organization deploy SAP and Jira, Atlassian’s agile task management solution? Now you can integrate Rev-Trac 8.1 Platinum – our automated SAP change management platform – with Jira. Check out our video for an overview of the Rev-Trac and Jira integration.

  • Demo Video | Rev-Trac and ServiceNow DevOps integration

    Watch this video to discover how a Rev-Trac ServiceNow integration extends ITSM approvals and workflow into the SAP technical layer for a reliable and auditable single source of truth for SAP changes.

Articles / Case Studies / Videos

  • Newmont’s SAP Roadmap and Journey Achieve One Consolidated ERP

    Discover how Newmont Corporation, after acquiring Newcrest Mining, is creating the world's largest gold company by market capitalisation, production, and reserves, and learn about their two-year Technology Roadmap to integrate and migrate Newcrest's ERP to SAP S/4HANA, leveraging Rev-Trac tools for streamlined, efficient, and risk-free SAP change management. This content is for Mastering SAP Premium…

  • Seamless S/4HANA digital transformation and support with Rev-Trac Platinum 8.3.3

    Reading time: 1 min

    For organizations preparing for and performing a digital transformation toward using S/4HANA or utilizing newer technologies like the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), one thing is crucial for success. They must deploy suitable processes and solutions at all stages to ensure that adopting new systems and technologies is as simple and risk-free as possible. Learn…

  • How an automated retrofit approach accelerates your S/4HANA migration

    Published: 30/January/2024

    Reading time: 1 min

    Migrating to SAP S/4HANA has its challenges. The most significant challenge is dual maintenance between legacy systems and the new SAP S/4HANA environment. An automated retrofit approach to your SAP S/4HANA migration significantly reduces the time, effort, and risk to ensure SAP changes are synchronized in parallel across the dual system landscapes.

  • How Rev-Trac can fast-track your digital information: A practical guide

    Published: 30/January/2024

    Reading time: 1 min

    The need to digitally transform is becoming top of mind for organizations seeking a competitive edge in a fast-paced business world. What does this look like for organizations that use SAP? Is it even possible? Read this whitepaper and discover how Rev-Trac Platinum, the SAP DevOps Platform, can safely accelerate your digital transformation.

  • SAP DevOps Orchestration: What you need to know!

    DevOps is booming. And the key to success is an integrated DevOps toolchain. Read this eBook to discover how SAP DevOps orchestration fulfils the promise of your DevOps toolchain.

  • Leveraging Automation for Optimized SAP Change Management – SA Power Network’s Journey

    For SA Power Networks, the journey with Rev-Trac has been transformative, particularly in overcoming the myriad challenges associated with traditional SAP change management. Prior to Rev-Trac, SA Power Networks faced the common pitfalls of the manual change management process - prolonged downtimes, sequence inefficiencies, vulnerability to errors, and conflicts amongst various changes. These issues often…

  • Hawaiian Electric powers up SAP change management with Rev-Trac

    Published: 16/April/2023

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Hawaiian Electric needed a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage SAP changes across its multiple landscapes. To address this challenge, they implemented Rev-Trac, an automated SAP change management platform, which reduced manual effort and simplified the delivery of SAP applications and enhancements. The automation technology also enabled the company to address risky overtake and…

  • You have completed your SAP transformation. Now what?

    Whatever your size or industry, post-digital transformation is a good time to consider how you can simplify SAP change and deliver faster, safer, and better applications. Automation massively reduces the time and effort to deploy updates and enhancements with a much higher quality which doesn’t cause production issues. Read the article to learn more.  

  • How to synchronize SAP changes during a digital transformation

    For an organization migrating to S/4HANA a critical question is, “How do we maintain legacy systems while shifting to the new environment?” The short answer is digital synchronization. Read how Rev-Trac can help.

  • Florida Power & Light switches on Rev-Trac

    Published: 16/April/2023

    Reading time: 1 mins

    Florida Power & Light (FPL), one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, faced challenges with its increasingly complex SAP landscape. The volume of SAP change increased rapidly, and problems such as overtakes, overwrites, and collisions of changes generated outside of production threatened stability. FPL realized that its existing change control tools were…

  • Target’s agile SAP change management transformation

    Target’s SAP journey has evolved from waterfall-based development and change management processes to a lean agile-based approach. Watch this webinar to discover how automation and integration have played a critical role in the pivot to agile SAP development.

  • Demo Video | Flexible and dynamic approval process

    Are you looking to adopt CICD, agile, DevOps or completely customize your approach to automatically managing SAP changes? Watch this video for some of the options available for implementation on any approval process at any organization.

  • How to ensure safe SAP change!

    Organizations don’t just demand higher volumes of SAP change. They also expect reliable and safe SAP change that won’t break in production. Read the blog to learn how how you can ensure safe SAP change.

  • DevOps and SAP: what you need to know

    As businesses expand rapidly to cater to the ever-demanding needs of consumers, making software development and operations more efficient must be a priority. Coupled with this is an increasing demand for rapid software development across industries to meet business expectations. Read the blog to learn more.

  • How Rev-Trac can enhance your SAP DevSecOps journey with Enforcement

    In a constantly evolving world, organizations need to be able to respond and deploy changes to SAP systems at the speed of business. DevSecOps is a methodology that enables organizations to minimize the time a change takes to reach production while ensuring that it is tested and approved. Learn how Rev-Trac can enhance your DevSecOps…

  • 3 approaches to managing SAP change

    How do you manage the requirements for business change requests, application enhancements, bug fixes, and project work? In Rev-Trac’s almost 25 years’ experience, we have seen organizations implement several approaches to meet their business strategy and long-term plans. The company’s size, project plan and applications implemented determine the approach adopted. In this blog, Rev-Trac discuss…

  • Release Management

    Watch to learn how SAP change releases are moved safely from development through to production with Rev-Trac’s release management. This video provides insight into how a Rev-Trac release containing multiple Rev-Trac requests, upon approval, can be migrated as a single unit of work to production at a scheduled time.    

  • How to enable end to end change management in SAP systems

    SAP ALM automation technology is not new. Yet, very few businesses have adopted more than one solution, if any. Where it is deployed, the software is operated in silos, often by different teams, which limits successful outcomes. However, SAP IT teams can use existing technology for end-to-end automation of change management processes. Rev-Trac Platinum –…

  • SAP Security begins with a foundation in DevSecOps

    Organizations expect reliable and safe change that won’t break in production. Rev-Trac incorporates powerful safety checks that prevent overtakes, overwrites, and sequencing issues to allow for safe SAP change.

  • How to simplify SAP DevOps audits and compliance with Rev-Trac

    Speedy delivery of SAP change and audit compliance don’t have to be incompatible. Read this eBook to discover how automated SAP change management supports the twin objectives of effortless SAP audits and delivering SAP change at the speed of business. Read the eBook to learn more.