Creating Value Through Decision Intelligence in SAP Landscape

Creating Value Through Decision Intelligence in SAP Landscape

Transforming Enterprise Analytics through Decision Intelligence

Published: 30/March/2022

Reading time: 4 mins

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Key Takeaways

⇨ A decision intelligence tool puts the power of analytics into the hands of business users as well, in additional to technical users, thereby allowing them to use data and analytics for day-to-day decision making. This helps organizations build a true data driven culture.

⇨ Data integration is another key aspect of decision intelligence tools. These tools act as a point of integration for data from many different sources, thereby helping organizations create a “single-source-of-truth” within their enterprise.

⇨ Business applications integration is also a critical requirement. Robust decision intelligence solutions should seamlessly integrate with other key business applications. This becomes much more imperative in SAP technology landscape.

A key aspect that consistently emerged in 2021, in multiple SAPinsider research reports about data and analytics, was that SAPinsiders believe that while the market has many different analytics tools and solutions to choose from, they still feel there is a void in terms of the kind of available analytics tools vs. the tools that they desire. Due to a lack of certain essential features in legacy business intelligence (BI) tools, this void has driven a need for an evolution of BI tools. Among many paths that the evolution of BI tools is taking, decision intelligence is a prominent trend. SAPinsider recently invited Dave Henry, Senior VP of Strategic Alliances from Pyramid Analytics, a leading decision intelligence platform in the SAP technology landscape, to discuss this critical topic.

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