Connect with Customers and Boost Sales

Connect with Customers and Boost Sales

How SAP Solutions Enhance Your Sales Strategy and Streamline Processes

Published: 26/April/2016

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Customers today expect their buying process to be seamless, allowing them to find the product or service they want through any channel, on any device, and buy it with speed and efficiency. Companies that optimize their strategy for channel sales, send targeted offerings to their customers, and waste no time in converting their pipeline into revenue are the leaders in this climate. With an agile and predictive system for sales performance management, your organization can leverage resources to their fullest extent, focus on specific audiences, scrutinize business performance at a moment’s notice, and identify potential problems before they escalate.

Stocked with a vast array of capabilities, next-generation SAP solutions for customer engagement — paired with corresponding SAP Solution Extensions — can give you the competitive advantage you need to foster a better customer experience and increase the efficiency of your sales processes.

Companies that take the time to learn about a customer’s unique business needs will develop a better working relationship and create more business opportunities.

Next-Generation Customer Engagement

Connecting with customers is more important than ever in the digital landscape. Companies that take the time to learn about a customer’s unique business needs will develop a better working relationship and create more business opportunities. Next-generation SAP solutions for customer engagement provide salespeople with the insight and flexibility to sell smarter and sell anywhere. With the SAP Cloud for Sales solution, you can empower your salespeople by giving them anytime, anywhere access to the tools, information, and collaboration they need to engage customers and win more deals. There are also several SAP Solution Extensions available to enhance the selling process, such as:

  • The SAP Incentive Administration application by Vistex: Reduce the cost of goods sold and increase profit margins by streamlining purchasing and rebate management.
  • The SAP Paybacks and Chargebacks application by Vistex: Maximize your claims-based supplier cost recovery while creating, maintaining, and executing agreements.
  • The SAP Data Maintenance application for ERP by Vistex: Streamline the maintenance of pricing data, simulate prices, generate price books, and analyze prices at a lower cost while allowing users to flexibly maintain materials and information records for customers and vendors.
  • The SAP Price and Margin Management application by Vendavo: Systemize and automate pricing analysis to gain insight into activities across your business, maximize profits, and create customized pricing strategies.
From Automation to Orchestration

Sales software from SAP can help you make the move from automation to orchestration, providing a more engaging experience for customers and helping increase efficiency and profitability for your company. By leveraging SAP Cloud for Sales and the available SAP Solution Extensions, companies can benefit from a sophisticated selling process with targeted and useful information while your salespeople will appreciate streamlined processes and seamless integration with SAP applications you may already have — maximizing your profits and minimizing your cost of ownership.

With SAP solutions, you can set your own pace on your journey to full adoption. You can start by addressing one specific priority and then fan out to cover additional ones by adding more solutions later, or you can implement multiple solutions right from the start: The choice is yours. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that both SAP and its partners will be there to assist you with advice and expertise should you ever need it. For more details, visit

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