Royal Dutch Shell Improves Safety and Increases Savings With RiskPoynt

Published: 14/November/2023

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ RiskPoynt Barrier Model significantly improved BG Group's ability to identify and manage operational risks and maintain asset integrity.

⇨ The implementation of RiskPoynt enhanced communication of risks across the organisation and increased visibility for senior management.

⇨ The new risk management process led to reduced production losses and reporting costs, demonstrating the value of digital transformation in operational risk management.+

In the challenging and unpredictable conditions of the UK Continental Shelf, Royal Dutch Shell’s subsidiary BG Group leveraged operational risk assessments to manage unexpected operational deviations with safety as a paramount concern. Confronted by the UK Health and Safety Executive’s questions on risk management and asset control, BG Group initiated the development of a comprehensive solution. The result was the creation of the RiskPoynt Barrier Model, an automated software tool that improved risk identification and management across their assets. This solution provided a clear, visual representation of risks, ensuring effective communication within the organisation and adherence to IOGP standards, leading to increased operational safety and cost savings.

Delve into the case study to uncover how BG Group transformed their risk management process with RiskPoynt for better safety and efficiency.

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