Messer North America Employees Partner with Prometheus Group to Support Mobile Plant Maintenance and Inventory Needs

Published: 14/November/2023

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ The implementation of Prometheus Mobility led to more efficient work order processing and reduced days sales outstanding for Messer North America.

⇨ Accurate spare part balances and inventory management were achieved, improving operational effectiveness.

⇨ Maintenance technicians experienced increased efficiency, allowing for longer periods of work in the field and immediate data documentation.

Messer North America, a subsidiary of the global Messer Group GmbH, identified the necessity for a mobile solution to streamline their plant maintenance and inventory management, aiming to enhance efficiency and data precision. Faced with challenges such as delayed data entry, the lack of a mobile maintenance solution, and a cumbersome, paper-heavy workflow, they entered into a strategic partnership with Prometheus Group. The adoption of a customised mobile solution from Prometheus provided flexibility in maintenance task management, integrated workflows for technicians in the field, and improved inventory and fleet management. This technological advancement resulted in significant operational improvements, including a reduction in days sales outstanding, heightened accuracy of spare parts inventory, and increased on-site efficiency for maintenance technicians, showcasing the transformative impact of mobile technology in industrial operations.

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