Best-of-Breed Business Intelligence for Improved Agility

Best-of-Breed Business Intelligence for Improved Agility

How Ferrara’s Cloud Strategy Supports this and more

Published: 14/June/2021

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Whenever two or more companies merge, an extensive list of technical difficulties soon follows. The challenges include integrating systems, databases, and applications and enabling synchronization of information between organizations.

For Ferrara – an emerging North American powerhouse in sweet snacking that recently acquired Nestle’s U.S. Confection and Kellogg’s Cookie, Cones, and Crust business, including Keebler brands – bringing in new information from acquired companies used to take about two years. But in defining a new business intelligence (BI) playbook, they significantly reduced that time down to about a week.

The company is realizing the benefits of its investments faster by using a best-of-breed approach for bringing in acquisitions data. With real-time information about new acquisitions available at its fingertips, the company can support leadership decision-making and optimize market opportunities. Additional benefits of its best-of-breed BI approach include less latency when moving information back and forth and increased performance and integration.

Ferrara achieves unparalleled agility for reporting and streamlines the analytical process across its business thanks to the combination of Amazon Web Services (AWS), SAP HANA, and SAP Analytics Hub. For example, SAP HANA empowers the company’s BI team to pull data from the company’s SAP ERP system and acquired companies faster and make changes without reloading data.

With AWS and SAP HANA at the center of its evolving journey to the cloud, Ferrara delivers enhanced value to the business and its partners and customers.
Read this customer story and learn:
– How running SAP on the AWS Cloud enables Ferrara to be 50% more efficient overall in its development efforts while reducing development costs by 70%.
– Why real-time data helps BI teams understand business partners’ goals and roadmaps and empowers them to deliver innovation across the organization.
– The benefits of the cloud to optimize opportunities, including quicker access to data and immediate decision making about acquired companies, high-value collaboration across the business, and the ability to simplify complexity.
– The importance of a cloud strategy that supports best-of-breed business intelligence for improved agility, impacting employee, customer, and consumer experiences.

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