Unlocking warranty recoveries

Published: 12/May/2024

Reading time: 1 min

Key Takeaways

⇨ Many organisations fail to claim a significant amount of potential warranty recoveries due to manual processes and lack of proper data management.

⇨ Setting up comprehensive master data is crucial for triggering warranty notifications and automating the claims process, which is essential for tracking and recovering funds.

⇨ Integrating warranty management processes with ERP systems like SAP can dramatically reduce the effort required and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of warranty claims management.

The COSOL Insights article illuminates the often overlooked potential of warranty management within asset-intensive organisations, illustrating how many miss out on substantial maintenance savings. It outlines primary challenges like manual tracking and a general lack of awareness and then describes steps toward establishing master data to automate and enhance warranty management processes. Highlighting the integration benefits of ERP systems for optimal efficiency and minimal manual intervention, the article demonstrates that a well-implemented warranty management process can significantly reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency.

Discover how to maximise your warranty recoveries and reduce operational costs—read the full COSOL Insights article now!

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