Heineken uses Angles for SAP for nearly every process

Published: 06/June/2024

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ Heineken improved operational efficiency by integrating Angles for SAP, leading to substantial cost savings and better data management.

⇨ The implementation of SAP’s self-service BI transformed user perception and utilisation of the system, enhancing overall productivity.

⇨ Real-time KPI tracking and analysis provided Heineken with actionable insights, optimising supply chain performance and decision-making processes.

Heineken implemented Angles for SAP to improve operational efficiency and data management across its breweries. The solution addressed key challenges such as reducing working capital and improving supply chain performance. By leveraging SAP’s self-service BI, Heineken gained real-time insights into KPIs, enhancing decision-making processes and user perception of SAP. One of the notable outcomes was achieving a positive ROI from Angles for SAP within weeks. The implementation resulted in increased data reliability, significant cost savings, and a stronger overall supply chain performance, supporting Heineken’s objective to be more effective and efficient in its operations.

Read the case study to learn how Heineken transformed its operations and data management with Angles for SAP, achieving remarkable efficiency and savings.

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