City of Palo Alto achieves a 55% reduction in the City’s monthly AWS usage costs

Published: 20/March/2024

Reading time: 1 mins

Key Takeaways

⇨ Strategic use of SAP Early Watch reports and optimal SAP HANA configurations significantly improved the city's system performance and security.

⇨ Rigorous monitoring, governance, and a tailored action plan for patching and updates led to enhanced system health and control.

⇨ By reengineering AWS solutions, EPI-USE Services empowered the City of Palo Alto to achieve over $13,000 in monthly savings, underscoring the potential for substantial cost reductions in public infrastructure.

The City of Palo Alto, amid the tech-savvy thrum of Silicon Valley, undertook a transformative initiative to overhaul its SAP environment on AWS, aiming for heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Partnering with EPI-USE Services, the city leveraged SAP Early Watch reports, optimised SAP HANA performance, and streamlined security and monitoring processes. These strategic implementations culminated in a staggering 55% reduction in monthly AWS usage costs, illustrating the powerful synergy of proactive managed services and meticulous cost optimisation. This case study crystallises the value of bespoke AWS and SAP solutions in catalysing operational excellence for public sector entities.

Learn how Palo Alto city’s SAP on AWS revamp led to a 55% cost reduction and enhanced efficiency. Discover the success strategy by registering below.

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