Process Automation in Transportation

Published: 17/March/2023

Reading time: 2 mins

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Key Takeaways

⇨ Although Transportation Management (TM) solutions have been in place for decades, there are many transportation processes that are still performed manually.

⇨ Robotic process automation and intelligent technologies in transportation processes can transform procurement, inventory management, and provide cost benefits.

⇨ RPA provides accurate and timely shipping information and also accurate invoice data to the finance department which facilitates quicker cash flows into the business.

Transportation features as one of the top focus areas for process automation within the supply chain function according to SAPinsider’s September 2022 research Process Automation in Supply Chain. It is the primary sub-function that ensures the movement of goods from source to destination in supply chains. Order-to-deliver was noted as one of the top process areas for process automation in SAPinsider’s Process Automation Benchmark Report, and is expected to retain its position in SAPinsider’s upcoming April 2023 research report Process Productivity and Efficiency Through Process Automation and Intelligence. This article explores how robotic process automation and intelligent automation can help in digitally transforming transportation processes.

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